The company

Who we are

A division of VINCI Construction Grands Projets, JANIN ATLAS is an industry leader in the construction of major heavy civil and building projects.

VINCI Construction Grands Projets is itself a subsidiary of VINCI, a world-class leader in construction and concession projects which employs more than 183 000 people in over a hundred countries.

JANIN ATLAS undertakes design-build projects, turn-key projects, as well as more traditional build-only projects, all with a high degree of technical difficulty. We are specialized in the construction of complex projects such as bridges, major highway infrastructure or large-diameter tunnels, all of which require important management and coordination resources.
Our projects are characterized by innovative contractual solutions: Partnerships, ECI (Early Contractor Involvement), FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

We also offer extensive experience in multiple project financing solutions (BOT, DBFOT, PPP, Concessions).

JANIN ATLAS is made up of:

  • World-class engineers who are passionate about their profession and technical projects
  • Men and Women who care about the company and its culture
  • Shared values that fuel cohesive and motivated teams
  • Voluntary, realistic and reasonable ambitions
  • A rooting in Canada and Québec in particular
  • A serenity and confidence in the future, comforted and consolidated by our participation in a robust and determined Group.


The origin of the JANIN Group dates back to Alban JANIN, founder of the first construction company of the Group in Montreal at the turn of the century.
JANIN and ATLAS, two leaders in the Québec construction space with similar paths and cultures, happened to be affiliated to two major international companies, DUMEZ and GTM. When these companies merged in 1996, JANIN and ATLAS naturally merged to become JANIN ATLAS, almost 10 years after JALTAS, the first joint company to be created by JANIN and ATLAS in 1988. Through this merger, JANIN joined and complemented its resources and references with those of ATLAS and JALTAS.